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New and renewed training plans

I am very happy to announce that “Quality with a smile” invites you all to benefit from a variety of new training plans. In addition, existing plans have been renewed, have gone through much rethinking and fine-tuning.

Seven training plans are introduced for your convenience. They differ considerably in the depth of the change process to undergo and the level  of readiness and ripeness to undergo change required from the organization. The plans are offered in a generalized way, and are custom-tailored to each organization to every intended audience, to yield the most benefit.

The plans offered here are suited to any organization and to every degree of change you may be willing to achieve – from personal training for a single person or personal/group change process to a total organizational reality-changing overhaul.

Illustration: variety of paths

Illustration: choosing a plan

Much rethinking and fine-tuning

Our new and very hot plan offers to bring your people to a single or multiple-session training, combined with employee wellness activity and departmental or organizational recreation. Combine training with fun at the swimming pool, relaxation, a healthy meal and the quiet of a place of your choice at the green and beautiful North of Israel.

Another new plan offers a thorough deep and reality-changing process, requiring long-term commitment and training.

An additional plan offers to take your Quality person through an formal training course at one of the local Northern colleges, where Vera Kofyan has been teaching Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance since 1996.

And, naturally, the training plan which brings courses in various hot topics to your organization. It has been upgraded significantly, through deep rethinking and fine-tuning. The goal is to best customize these training sessions to become the most beneficial and precise for the unique needs of your organization.

And another new plan of facilitating personal growth or group change processes. Vera Kofyan has been doing it for years. However, only lately realization crystallized, that it was not, in fact, a separate deal at all. It is the very same, only from a different viewpoint, and therefore suitable to take its place here, among the other training plans.

The training plans were created in such a way as to allow building of a specific unique long term path for you. Choose one or a combination of any, according to the degree of readiness and ripeness of your organization to make changes. Some are intended for those willing to make a quantum break-through change. Some for those who wish to undergo a slower, gradual change process. And if you are unsure what is most suitable for you, “Quality with a smile” offers a non-binding meeting to get to know you and your organization, to tailor the best solution for it.

Choose your preferred training path, and

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to set up a non-binding meeting.

Let’s get you organization on the golden path to real change and improvement!

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