Diverse Custom-Tailored Training Solutions

 Each organization is unique

Quality Assurance is first and foremost an organizational process. And each organization is unique, both in its nature and in its readiness to undergo a change.

“Maof Dvora” offers several training plans, each of which is uniquely customized and “personalized” training for the organization, to achieve maximum benefit. You may choose one of them, according with the your current intention, your level of readiness to make changes, your confidence in working with “Maof Dvora”.

You may start with the minimal plan, and later raise the bar for yourselves more and more… everything here is flexible.

Click on each of the plans you can choose for more information below:

מסלול משנה-מציאותReality-changing plan

A whole organizational overhaul, breakthrough changes..

מסלול משולב רווחהTraining + wellness plan

A day or a series of days of fun and relaxation combined with training for different audiences.

מסלול הכשרה מקומיLocal training plan 

Training at your organization for different audiences.

מסלול הכרה פורמליתOfficial training

Send your key people to training courses in QA and QA Engineering at local colleges.

מסלול שינויים אישייםPersonal Changes Plan

Facilitating in processes of making changes, wherever you feel stuck or frustrated.

Contact me today for setting up an introductory nonbinding meeting, and let’s tailor the perfect plan for you.


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