Quality with a Smile – Struggle Free

Quality with a smile - struggle free

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Diverse Custom-Tailored
Training Solutions

 Each organization is unique

Quality Assurance is a wide organizational process. Each organization is unique, both in its nature and in its readiness to undergo a change.

Below are several training plans, where each training “Quality with a smile” performs is customized and “personalized” for every organization, to achieve maximum benefit for the you. You may choose one of them, according with your current intention, your level of readiness to make changes, and your degree of confidence in working with “Quality with a smile”.

One may also start with the minimal plan, and later “raise the bar” higher and higher… everything is flexible.

Each is unique

Note: for each plan a flyer is attached  (in PDF format) for your convenience, to download, pass on to the people in charge of training or keep for comparison and choosing your path.

Reality-changing plan

Reality-Changing Plan

An organization-wide breakthrough and revolutionary change process.

Training combined with fun

Relaxation and Training

Fun days combined with training and empowerment, for different audiences.

On-site training plan

On-site training plan

Training at your organization, tailored for your needs and different audiences.

Formal training plan

Formal training plan

Send your key people to QA or QE (ICQE) course at a local college.

Winner customer service plan

Winner Service Plan

Turn your satisfied customers into your most loyal advertisers.

Group growth plan

Group Growth Plan

Empowerment and self-improvement in groups of colleagues or friends.

Personal growth plan

Personal Growth Plan

Facilitating in processes of making changes, wherever you feel stuck.

Custom-tailored plan

If you'd want something else

If none of the existing plans is suitable - a unique plan can be tailored for you.

In addition, “Quality with a smile” performs consulting services for various fields of Quality Assurance: preparing for ISO 9001 compliance audits, internal audits, problem-solving methodology, data analysis, supplier evaluation and more.

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