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Age-old wisdom

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All through history there lived around the world many various people who spoke, wrote and taught about the best way to act and live. From the Bible and the Sages and to the educators, scientists, and businessmen of our day, these people have left us their mark and their wisdom.

Since I am a big believer in using the wheel instead of re-inventing it, I would like to bring here some of the wisdom passed to us through the ages and the distance, in order to enrich us and help us make some of the processes on our way shorter.

On this page, I shall place a choice of these persons for your benefit, with some details on each, to give a bit of general picture of them and their sayings.

The Dalai Lama

A quote is shared experience

They say that a wise man learns from the experience of others. That is why I make a point to include a quotes column in every newsletter, and here they shall be available for you at all times, so you may learn from their experience and get wiser. Naturally, content would be added in time.

From each person, you can go read select quotes of their life’s wisdom, which are relevant and connected to this site’s context: interpersonal relationships, communication, management, leadership, truth, problem-solving, success, thinking, imagination, values, etc.

I invite you to learn a little about them and from them, learn the things they said and think about them deeply. For, as Jim Rohn used to say, you can stay up al night and not think of them yourself! Familiarize yourselves with them. Use them in your work and your personal life. And, not least of all – have fun!

Passing the mouse over a specific person will pause the slider. Clicking the link or picture will open his page.

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