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Quality with a smile - struggle free

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On-site training plan

Quality training is an integral part of life in any organization, included in any standard with which you are working. “Quality with a smile” offers to create the training specifically for your organization’s needs accounting for your industry, your destination audiences and the state of quality you have right now – and bring it to you. This plan may be the best suited for you, if you think that:

  • it is not yet time for a drastic change like the reality-changing plan;
  • you need a deeper and more ordered training than the relaxation and training plan;
  • you want real improvement in understanding of processes in some area on all levels of the organization…

On-site training plan


What are this plan's benefits?

Each organization has a different character, different  industry needs, different people, different insights into quality and what they need to do to achieve it. Therefore, it is important to plan and perform training at your organization, per your conditions, custom fitted for each and every organization, and not a one-size-fits-all course.

This, in addition to the comfort and economy in performing the training at your facility, without the need to take the workers out to some training center.

What does "Quality with a smile" offer?

The classes are conducted at the organization, in not-too-large groups, for all audiences and at time and day of your choice.

The training is prepared to suit each intended audience:

  • quality personnel;
  • operators and assembly workers;
  • team leaders;
  • mid management – including engineers, logistics, project leaders, purchasing…;
  • warehouse and maintenance personnel;
  • top management…

Flyer for On-site training plan




Click on the picture to download a flyer with more information (PDF)

I have yet to encounter an organization which does not require quality training in some field for multiple or all audiences, from top to bottom. I have yet to encounter and organization which has nothing to improve in some field, from approach to tools.

And that’s how it must be: for the slogan of quailty is –

constant improvement

therefore, there is always some area, group or a number of them, for which training is relevant right now.

Quality with a smile” will help you define the area, scope and direction, in order to give you the most effective training possible with the best results  – at your facility.

The training is performed on any subject and any level for the organization and its people, with empowerment and group coaching approach. Below you may see a few subjects in high demand, as an example (but training may be perfomed on any subject):


Understanding QA Processes

Process QA management tools& creating a supportive climate for the QA/QC personnel.


Inter-departmental Synergy

Leading teams in various processes by cooperation of all departments to shatter the glass ceiling of success.

Connect to quality

How am I connected to QA?

Operations, Logistics and Purchasing connection to QA. Comprehending all stages of the process.

Supplier-customer chain

Supplier-Customer Relations

Defining the terms supplier/customer, internal/external, the wide plant concept and making the chain strong.


Good Communication Flow

Understanding the challenges, models and solutions regarding one of the leading obstacles in all fields.

Human factor

Human factor, Human Error

QA is first and foremost about working with people, and it is they who operate the processes.

Problem solving

Problem-Solving Methodology

Conducting corrective/preventing actions by systematic teamwork for improvement and prevention.

Creative thinking

Creative and Inventive Thinking

Acquiring the tools and practicing in different thinking processes, to achieve solutions outside the box.

Constant improvement

Organization QA System

The significance of QC and process control for preventing occurrence of non-conformance.

Data analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

Information system for QA, its importance and purpose and efficient work with IT.


Measurement and Variance

Discovering the significance of variance, uncertainty in work conditions and bringing them as low as possible.

Internal quality audits

Conducting Internal Audits

Understanding the audit purpose and process from a new perspective to truly benefit the organization.

Data analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

Information system for QA, its importance and purpose and efficient work with IT.

Together we shall pave the way to creating a real improvement in your organization.

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to set up a nonbinding meeting, a short tour of your facility and assistance in defining a specific training plan and its content – free of charge.

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