About Vera Kofyan

 Sharing the experience with you

My name is Vera Kofyan. I am Technion graduate in Aerospace Engineering. After receiving my B.Sc. I have continued for 1.5 years for Master’s degree, and then realized I would not make the change and impact I really wanted to make in this field. So I changed my profile and complemented the engineering side of my education with ICQE certificate.

For about 18 years I have worked in different plants and organizations as Quality Assurance Engineer, Manager and Consultant. Among them: Galtronics at Poriya Industrial Zone, Tiberias; Alcor Medical Devices, Jerusalem; Sanmina SCI EMS, Ma’alot; U.S.R. Electronic Systems, Karmiel. At the same time, I have taught various and diverse subjects in the Quality Assurance Engineering courses for ICQE since 1996 at the Kinnereth Academical college in the Jordan valley, and lately also at Tibam Plus college in Acre and at Erez college in Shelomi, Western Gallilee.

The “Maof Dvora” company was created in 2008 with the aim of sharing with other companies the experience and understandings accumulated through many years of working in and with different industries, becoming familiar with various plants and organizations, either as customers or suppliers. This resulted in the evolution of a unique approach to Quality Assurance as personal and organizational coaching, and the deep study of the different subjects and fields combining together into the single Quality Assurance discipline.

Since I have created “Maof Dvora” I have been self-employed, creating and teaching seminars for the Northern plants and organizations, for Quality managers, many of whom were once my students.

I live and work in Kfar Wradim in the Western Galilee.

Apart from my work in Quality Assurance I also run and develop a wide project of an informational website on Russian Avant-garde art. I teach at and am actively involved in the creation of an alternative dialogue education school created by like-minded parents, where my son goes. I do some graphic and web design. And in addition, I am involved in the health and wellness industry, have II degree in Reiki healing and am a certified practitioner of the Law of Attraction.

All these seemingly unconnected areas of interest have allowed me to develop a rather unique and unorthodox understanding of how things work in this world, and rare approach in today’s world of Quality Assurance. It brought me to a deeper and wider understanding of all processes within and without the field, and ties it all together into a single complete picture. It requires a change of attitude by promoting awareness and concsious focus on quality throughout the organization. I believe in the empowerement and promotion of people, in placing the worker in the center and investing in his/her training from the knowledge that a strong, engaged worker who knows well his place in and his contribution to the whole process will bring about an improvement that is completely beyond reach otherwise.

Today I propose to share that experience with others, with those who want to take the strife out of their professional life and bring real cooperation and true improvement to their organization.

I can show you how to save time and energy expended previously in useless struggle, which you can then direct to make real breakthrough for everyone, and therefore real growth in profitability.

See below what colleagues, former and current, have to say about my professional and personal abilities. Among them you may find people I have worked with from different disciplines and functions all across the organizations; representatives of the companies’ customers whose projects I have been assigned to lead; suppliers I have worked with; and even my former managers.

Colleagues’ recommendations:

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