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Formal Training Plan

Courses at colleges in the North

Vera Kofyan teaches Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance and Quality Control at various courses in colleges in the聽North:

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Industrial聽Quality Assurance
  • Internal Quality Auditors
  • Quality Engineering (ICQE)
Formal training plan
Kinneret college, Jordan Valey

Since 1996, we are successfully preparing students for the ICQE exams at the Israeli Society for Quality (ISQ). During all these years, the courses聽 were managed by Dr. Leonid Tulchin, Quality consultant and lecturer with extensive experience.

Currently Vera Kofyan teaches at two colleges: Kinneret College at the Sea of Galilee (since 1996) and Erez College in Shelomi, Western Galilee (since 2013).聽

In addition, our team has an ongoing working relationship with the ISQ (Israeli Society for Quality), and our courses are recognized and given under their sponsorship. Together with the colleges, we teach courses in corroboration with external bodies, such as Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy, Community Centers, Ryan center, ACAT center in Acre and more. In addition, we conduct courses at organizations, with the corroboration and sponsorship of the colleges.聽

The unique nature of our courses

Each college, each teacher, has his own strengths, his own belief of what this discipline is really about and how it should be taught. Each has his own “specialty”.聽

Our team has a unique, “people first” approach you shall not find at any other QA course in the country.聽

Erez college, Shelomi

It is highly recommended to begin changes at your organization by sending your key QA people to further their formal training at one of these colleges in Quality Engineering (ICQE), and your QC people or Quality Trustees should be trained at Quality Control or Quality Assurance courses. These people will bring you聽tenfold聽ROI聽by acquiring knowledge and understanding about how processes should work, what ISO 9001 is really about, how to perform effective internal audits, how to deal with the diverse people they meet every day in order to create cooperation and eliminate struggle. These shall be your best first steps in the process of raising your organization to a completely different league.

You may find more about each course by following the聽flyers below, from the colleges. As far as I know, they have no such specific pages, flyers or links to information in English, so please forgive me for posting it in Hebrew on this page. The ads are general, but the courses open regularly, and the information applies.

Kinneret college courses





Click on the picture for more information at the college website.

Erez college courses

Click on the picture for more information at the college website.

诪转讻转 讞谞讬转讛 住讬讜诐 拽讜专住

Workers at Kennametal plant celebrating the end of a short quality course.

住讬讜诐 拽讜专住 诪讘讚拽讬诐 拽讜讟诇讘 讞谞讬转讛

Ending of course for Internal Quality Audits at Hanita Coatings plant.

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