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Personal Growth Plan

Life skills

During all my years of experience teaching and consulting, people have always come to me telling me: “You’re not teaching us Quality Assurance, you’re teaching us Life“. This is very true, and the process in which we learn and improve our life skills is personal growth.

Quality Assurance, by being about working directly with people, is not a technical discipline, and is not limited to the work place. People are not different at work and elsewhere. If they have issues, frustrations, angers – these are, usually, connected to other people and relationships.  And if not to relationships with others – then with themselves.

In order to begin or continue personal growth processes, one should do Life Coaching (or personal coaching) in the area one struggles, be it connected to work or home. Coaching may allow you to progress in all aspects of that area (and not only there). 

Personal growth plan


What are this plan's benefits?

I am always so happy and exited when my college students come to me and tell me that something has improved in their relationships with their spouses, children, parents, colleagues… Some transform so much following the processes we go through during the year of a college course that they easily get a new job, receive a promotion, solve long-standing conflicts with colleagues or even completely change their lives in all aspects. 

All this is made possible due to personal changes they go through and the subsequent opening of new opportunities in their lives, not previously existing or perceived. This, considering the fact that coaching processes in class are too few and impersonal, being limited at the training course by time and the volume of material we need to cover.

The process is intended to solve issues, which we sometimes do not consider work-connected, or to do with ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. It is difficult, there is not enough time, or it may be awkward in class, but it is essential to resolve these issues.

I have said before that in your job you work with people. Therefore, people work with you. They respond to you, develop an interaction with you (for better or worse), trust or mistrust, conflicts, in other words – a relationship. They all, just as yourself, have their own difficulties, accompanying them everywhere. Conclusion: if you improve something about yourself – people will respond differently to you and all your relationships will improve. You may see results such as:

  • less conflicts with the colleagues;
  • better understanding of the people, showing their actions in a different light;
  • better cooperation other workers on all levels;
  • increased self confidence;
  • higher satisfaction in the area of coaching, or in your work…

What does the process require from you?

First, you must recognize the need for change, identify the obstacle in your professional and/or personal life which requires improvement. Without it we cannot begin – but it is not enough.

Those who wish to enter a personal growth process should realize that it requires a commitment to the process, willingness to do the work, for there isn’t a coach in the world who can change your life for you. A coach may help you identify the place where a change may be made in order to progress, but you will have to make the change by yourself for yourself, even with the coach’s support and instruction.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What does “Quality with a smile” offer?

Quality with a smile” offers to take those who choose this plan through a personal change facilitation process.

Vera Kofyan specializes in facilitating change processes specifically for QA people, workers, middle and top management, both personally (one on one) and in small groups of colleagues, friends or even just people who want to make personal changes, as proposed by the Group Growth Circles plan. In addition, Vera Kofyan is a certified Life Coach and certified Law of Attraction practitioner, a method of proven success and effectiveness in allowing breakthrough changes.

One cannot change another person, but each of us can change themselves.

In order to make a change in our lives, we must change our way of thinking, some habits, some beliefs, which had hitherto seemed an integral part of our worldview or, perhaps, we gave them no thought at all. If we are not willing to change them – there shall be no change. It takes effort, at times – a great deal of effort, but the reward is beyond anything you can imagine.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. – Henry Ford

But changing some thing in yourself brings a magical change in the world around you, as paradoxical as it sounds. Thus, instead of beating you head against a wall or trying to storm the walls of resistance and to change the whole organization to your vision – let’s change that in yourselves, which doesn’t allow this change to happen. And then, when you’re different, the other workers shall suddenly become different and respond to you in a different manner. Then you shall probably want to continue and extend the change processes wider through the whole organization. And one of the other plans will suit your needs perfectly.

The process is a fascinating path of discovery, and it is made by committing to a series of meetings, and learning the factors causing you to be stuck, and tools and possibilities to make the required internal changes, including tasks to work on at home, between the meetings (for those who really want results and not just likes learning).

A single meeting may be arranged to understand the process, for example, one of the Group Growth Circles plan, before committing to the series of meetings.

The meetings may be at home, at “Quality with a smile“, at a neighborhood club, or at any place convenient to you. If a place is to be rented, naturally, this raises the cost of the session series.

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