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אילוסטרציה: העצמה

Dream Realization – an offer for an Empowerment Class

A week ago, I met with a group of students from Quality Engineering course held last year at the Riyan Center in Rama village, conducted by the Erez College in Shlomi. The Riyan Center is an organization dedicated to helping the Arab and minorities to find better employment, and this course was for the Druze and Circassian students. It ended in summer 2017 with the students taking the external exam held by the Israel Society for Quality, ICQE, which 71% passed of the 17 students who attended. (more…)


What’s the deal with the change?

A few weeks ago, a student asked me a very interesting question, following a discussion about her frustration with improper Quality Assurance practices in the organization where another student, her friends, works. The question she asked was: “What’s the deal with the changes you’re always talking about? Is it really necessary in Quality Assurance to always make changes? Can’t we leave something that works as is?”

Well, the short answer is: that’s right, we must constantly make changes.

The longer answer is this article, triggered by the conversation. (more…)

אילוסטרציה: מסלולי הכשרה

New and renewed training plans

I am very happy to announce that “Maof Dvora” invites you all to benefit from a variety of new training plans and also some reviewed ones, which have gone through much rethinking and fine-tuning. (more…)

אלומת שיבולי שעורה

Happy Giving of Torah – 2016

Last evening, Saturday night, we have marked the end of Shabbat and the beginning of Shavuot, the Time of the Giving of the Torah.

In the synagogue we chose to affiliate ourselves with, of the conservative community of the Minyan Masorti Kfar Wradim, we have celebrated with a community dinner and then studying together until nearly midnight, on themes to do with Ruth Scroll and the Giving of the Torah. (more…)

אילוסטרציה: סיבה-תוצאה-מטרה

Cause, Effect, Target

Last time we spoke of the first stage in problem-solving methodology: Problem Definition. If we want to proceed and truly understand problem-solving methodology, we need to speak the same language. Thus, in this article, I shall focus on the three basic terms: cause, effect and target. (more…)

Illustration: early train

Investigate like children

The slogan embroidered in golden thread on the flying banner of Quality Assurance says: “Constant Improvement”.

And how is constant improvement achieved?

The way too many places go about that is finding the bad results (lack of quality) and removing them, while focusing on creating good results (quality).

And what is wrong with this mode?

It is the result that gets treated, not the cause. The symptom, not the disease.


Illustration: too much paperwork

A helper against us

In Quality Assurance, what is the beginning of any process? Its definition, born from need.

The ISO 9001 standard instructs us to identify the processes in our organization and record them. That is, to decide how we perform them and to write that down, so everyone may verify in the future, if they forget. We call that record “procedure”.


Illustration: results

Results-orientation or the test of time

On this website’s home page I have stated that Quality Assurance is people, it is a process, and it is an approach.

So far I have spoken mostly about the people and the approach, and haven’t really touched on the process part at all. Today I would like to discuss processes.

What type of process? As a matter of fact – any process you can think of. Yes, any process at all. Naturally, amongst them, the organizational and technological processes at organizations, plants and factories. This is where most of you are coming from, and this is where most of Quality Assurance effort is made.


Alice talks to the Cheshire cat

Who needs goals?

I hear this all the time: how can we set a goal if we don’t know if we can make it?

This comes from a fear- and uncertainty-based reality: I do not trust myself, the company, my co-workers, you name it; so how can I commit to reach some goal which is currently beyond my ability?


Cover of the book 'One Minute Manager'

People or results?

There are some books of which one may truly say that “no home library is complete without them”. One such great book is The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson. It is a must-read for anyone working in Quality Assurance or management (Quality Assurance is in large part, very simply, management), or in fact, anyone dealing with people at large (and that would be… everybody?).


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