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ISO 9001 standard change in a new light

Ever since the appearance of the new revision of the ISO 9001 standard was published, I see incessant discussions of frightened Quality Assurance people on the differences between the revisions of 2015 and that of 2008. There is also a multitude of classes and training promising to help with the transition from the previous to the new.

My approach is different, as you already have come to know. In my opinion, and of those who share my approach, there is little real difference between the new, 2015 revision and the previous one. I see a more precise formulation, a welcome and excellent correction.

The prevailing Western approach regards Quality Assurance as a mostly technical profession, and therefore views the ISO 9001 standard same way as it would a mostly technical standard. That despite the fact that we all study the teachings of the whole splendid chain of all the QA “gurus”, both Western and Eastern, who have shaped our profession. And each and every one of them spoke of people and management far more than they ever did of anything technical.

Thus, I would like to invite you to watch a presentation I made, offering a totally different perspective from the conventional Western approach and an alternative way of thinking on what the standard really is, its purpose, and “what has changed this night of all nights” (nothing like Passover for asking such questions). 😀 (For those of you who missed the last words – this is a line from the Haggadah read on the Passover Seder night; the children ask 4 questions about the differences between that night and regular nights).

Illustration: free presentation to watch and download

The presentation - PDF and video

The presentation is offered free, in both video and PDF formats. I was considering the format to upload it and decided to provide both, for most usefulness to you.

I have made great effort to time the slide changes so as to allow for enough time to read for the slower readers. But appeasing both the fast readers and the slow ones is a mission impossible.

In addition, it is not reading which is required, really, but understanding, comprehension. Thus all of you, and not just the slow readers, are invited to press pause, until you truly understand in depth the ideas laid out before you. Otherwise – it shall be a waste of time for both you and me. The PDF is static, and allows study after the first reading to all. Click here to open PDF file (in a new tab) or below, and get a flipping book of the presentation (downloadable as PDF). 

Those who prefer reading in Hebrew – no problem, everything on this site is written in both languages. Just go here or press the flag on top of the page.

I welcome your feedback, even if only about the video format: did you find it suitable for you or do you prefer the PDF?

Hope I am successful in banishing some of your fears and facilitate the transition from the old revision of the standard to the new.

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