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Here’s a story I came across on Facebook today. It presents so precise a picture of the actual service today that I really have nothing to add to it. It was in Hebrew, so I translate.

A man is walking down the street and notices a newly opened store. He wanders over to check out what it has to offer, and just as he enters, a salesman meets him and says:

– Hello, thank you for coming to our store. We aim to please. What would you like?
The customer replies: – I need a pair of gloves.
The salesman points and says: – Please go over there to that department.
The customer goes and says: – Hello, I would like a pair of gloves, please.
The salesman: – For winter or for summer?
The customer: – For winter.
The salesman: – It’s at the department across the isle.

Illustration: happy for good service, angry for bad service

Illustration: salesperson serves a customer

The customer crosses over to that department and says: – Hello, I would like a pair of gloves, please.
The salesman: – Gloves made of leather or another material?
The customer: – Leather.
The salesman: – Then you should go to that department over there.
The customer is puzzled, but walks over where directed. – Hello, I would like a pair of leather winter gloves, please.
The salesman: – Would you like the lining made of real wool or synthetic?
The customer: – Real wool, naturally.
The salesman: – Then you need the department across the hall.
The customer is annoyed, but walks over quietly. At reaching the department he says loudly: – I would like a pair of leather winter gloves with real wool lining.
The salesman: – Would you like them with an elastic or a flap?
The customer: – With a flap.

The salesman: – Alright, please raise your hands and spread the fingers.
The customer complies.
The salesman: – You need to cross to the department over there.
The customer: – Are you people serious? Just give me the gloves and let me get out of here.
The salesman: – Don’t get stressed, we only aim to give you the best service, exactly what you are looking for, so you end up pleased with your purchase. Would you like the gloves to go with the coat you are currently wearing?
The customer, in anger: – Yes! – and proceeds to the next department.
He enters the department and yells: – I would like a pair of leather winter gloves with real wool lining and a flap, to fit my own hands and to go with the coat I am wearing!
The salesman: – Would you like the flap to close with a button or a zipper?
The customer (bordering on hysteria): – A button.
The salesman: – You need to see the salesman over there.
At that moment the doors to the store open and a man enters holding a large toilet bowl torn out from the floor, with fragments of tiles dangling at the sides, steps up to the salesman and screams:
– This is my toilet, these are the tiles I have in the bathroom, I have shown you my butt yesterday, NOW will you finally give me the toilet paper???

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