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Today’s post is not of my own authorship, but a sharing of one I discovered on the Internet, which has caught my attention. The post deals with collaboration, a concept I strongly believe in as being the future of the world, and surely of Quality Assurance.

Following the recent developments in my life, I have decided to write for you a special and thorough article on customer loyalty and beyond. My research for this article has brought me to many interesting discoveries, articles, posts and infographics, and I would like to share the best of them here.

The first is a post from a blog on BIT REBELS website called Top 9 Collaboration Types You Will Find In Every Company, which I bring together with its infographics in the PDF file below.

Illustration: collaboration

Small picture of the infographics

Click on the picture to download a flyer with more information (PDF)

The article and the infographics mostly focus on online collaboration and file sharing as collaboration tool, but you will find it is quite as applicable to any type of collaboration you choose to apply it to.

Warmly recommended.

Top 9 Collaboration Types You Will Find In Every Company

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