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חשיבה מבוססת סיכונים

Risk Based Thinking

Last week I have read an article, posted at the professional social network, LinkedIn, on the subject of transition to the new/renewed QMS standard ISO 9001:2015. The standard emphasizes and centers on Risk Based Thinking . (more…)

Illustration: ash tray

Forward toward progress

I have read the following enlightening story at the Lenta.ru website.

There was in the Russian city Kursk a young and talented teacher, let’s call her N., who has come to Illinois on a special program, designed to allow young and talented teachers to live and work in the United States of America. She was chosen for the program because she developed her own method of creative development in children, based on the main idea that the child’s creative effort should be applied. The child should see his creations being useful and bringing joy; shards on the floor, told-you-it-will-fall, you know… the daily life of daily-life objects.


Illustration: Happy costomer

The cost of bad customer service

The blog Sharing Intellectual Capital by Nick Nicholls presents and interesting review of recent research made regarding the quality of customer service, in the form of infographics.

In the Hebrew version I have brought the translation of both the post and the infographics, and here I offer you the original, as posted on Nicholls’ blog.


Illustration: hands holding on th a ring


Today’s post is not of my own authorship, but a sharing of one I discovered on the Internet, which has caught my attention.

The post deals with collaboration, a concept I strongly believe in as being the future of the world, and surely of Quality Assurance.


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