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Blog Upgrade & Migration

After a long period of silence, due to an almost indescribable work overload, I have finally come back to my blog, first of all, to tell you know of the upgrade I made.

It has been over a year since I wrote any new articles, and, frankly, I have missed this, but had no time to dedicate to it, at all. Heaps of ideas, dozens of articles I have “played through” in my head while driving – but no time to carry them out.

In the meantime, Google has announced that it would not promote website, which were not mobile-friendly, and this one wasn’t. So the first thing that I needed to do was to upgrade it to mobile-friendly state.

The thing is, though, that this blog was made with my own, original graphic design. Everything you see there is my own design, very specifically chosen. And though it is highly non-standard, I wanted to keep this design.

Screenshot of the website's homepage

The challenge and the task

Perhaps some of you know it, perhaps not, but one of the things I enjoy doing is website design and building and graphic design. Usually I don’t get to fully design the website, and only design some elements of it, in the general layout I base the site on and which I customize and modify. But this is MY website, so I was free to do what I wanted, top to bottom, front to back. Back then I also chose to build it a Joomla platform, just to learn how to work with it, and familiarize myself with the benefits and downsides, for the web design part of my business. Usually, I work with WordPress. However, now that I know, I decided it was time to migrate it to WordPress.

So, three months later, I have overcome the challenges of migration and upgrade, and the “new” website is now on, and fully operational.

Now I will continue to write in it, though, really, much less often that in the beginning, as I am still very much loaded with all the other work I have. Work I love no less – but still need to do.

So, I congratulate myself on the accomplishment of the upgrade and smooth migration, with no losses. I also ask you to please, inform me if you find any bug or any feature out of place. Different devices show different things, and I cannot know or see everything.

Thank you – and hope you enjoy visiting!

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