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Have a Good Year - 5776

This coming Sunday the Jewish people all over the world will celebrate the beginning of another year, the 5776 by Jewish count.

The tenement for Jews for this holiday is blowing the Shofar and hearing the Shofar blown.A few days ago I have learned at a most interesting lecture at the Masorti Synagogue in Kfar Vradim, that the word Shofar comes from the same root as improve

Judaism reminds us that we must weigh all our actions, the lives we led during the past year, in a genuine and honest way. Not in order to acknowledge that we’ve been bad, or wrong, but in order to identify the places where we erred – and make a correction.

Correction with the aim of improvement.

Illustration: shofar - Jewish New Year

And the joy of this day, expressed by the voice of the Shofar blowing loud above the human voices, is, as I see it, for the opportunity, the privilege given us to identify the errors and improve; the overwhelming gratitude for this.

So in that thought and angle, I wish everyone a GOOD year. I have designed a greeting card especially with you in mind. Click the image below to enlarge.

Jewish New Year greetings

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