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Illustration: Sculpture of Wilhelm Tell and his son

What may we learn from Wilhelm Tell?

We have spoken of variance, so let’s now talk of accuracy. The two concepts are tied together as the chicken and the egg. I would like to illustrate accuracy by stories of two renown archers from history, or legend, depending on whom you ask.


Illustration: dice

How uncertain are you?

Most of us dislike uncertainty, by our very nature. It evokes fear of what’s in the future, of losing control, of helplessness. We like being in control, knowing what to expect. We base it on our logical thinking, drawing from our experience: “if A then B”.

Uncertainty brings a feeling of disorientation. “If A is B” is no longer true. The significance of uncertainty is precisely that we are no longer certain that when “if A” occurs, B shall be the result.


Illustration: porsche

Are you capable?

I’d like to talk a little about capabilities.

No, no, don’t worry, we shall not talk about your personal capabilities, which I have no doubt are excellent.  We shall talk about your processes’ capabilities. Though, I must say, some find that even more frightening. However, I have found that some concepts which appeared difficult and intimidating may become simple and straightforward, if we but look at them from a slightly different, a bit more familiar and less threatening an angle.


Illustration: woman blocks her ears

Noise proof

Among the gurus of Quality Assurance there was a Japanese man by the name Genichi Taguchi, who has only recently left this world, in June 2012.

Being an engineer and a man of wide outlook, he understood the most profound thing any manufacturing organization must understand about its processes (as a matter of fact, his insights may easily be expanded to service processes as well as any organizational and other processes at all): every process is influenced by external noise factors.


Illustration: iron pot

Why? Because!

This is a story I heard a long time ago, and no longer remember who told it to me. I beg whoever it was to forgive me, and to please remind me, if he/she is reading these lines and recognize it. I shall be happy to remember – and fix the reference. 

A young couple got married, as it is wont to happen occasionally in various parts of the world. A short time after they got back from their honeymoon, they settled into their daily routine life together, and one of the regular things in daily life is meal preparation.


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