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Illustration: Sculpture of Wilhelm Tell and his son

What may we learn from Wilhelm Tell?

We have spoken of variance, so let’s now talk of accuracy. The two concepts are tied together as the chicken and the egg. I would like to illustrate accuracy by stories of two renown archers from history, or legend, depending on whom you ask.


Illustration: dice

How uncertain are you?

Most of us dislike uncertainty, by our very nature. It evokes fear of what’s in the future, of losing control, of helplessness. We like being in control, knowing what to expect. We base it on our logical thinking, drawing from our experience: “if A then B”.

Uncertainty brings a feeling of disorientation. “If A is B” is no longer true. The significance of uncertainty is precisely that we are no longer certain that when “if A” occurs, B shall be the result.


Cover of the book 'One Minute Manager'

People or results?

There are some books of which one may truly say that “no home library is complete without them”. One such great book is The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson. It is a must-read for anyone working in Quality Assurance or management (Quality Assurance is in large part, very simply, management), or in fact, anyone dealing with people at large (and that would be… everybody?).


Illustration: Esher's people on the roof

What is Quality Assurance all about?

From my long years of experience, I found that most people think Quality Assurance deals with products, specifications and their parameters, or requirements. Various management members often hold the conviction that it is Quality Assurance department which holds the responsibility for the quality of their products, whereas they do not fulfill these specifications.
Is that really so?


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