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Illustration: wiggly snake - quotas

Quotas, snakes and backbones

Over 50 years ago Dr. W.Edwards Deming has formulated his famous 14 Points, which are studied in every Quality Assurance course ever since. Today I would like to talk about the 11th Point of Deming’s 14 Points: “Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce and numerical goals for management”.

Book cover for The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Flying high

I just love children’s stories and love citing them as illustrations in my work, of all kinds. There is so much one may learn from them, deep concepts and ideas hidden in children’s literature, one such is flying high.

cover illustration from the original manuscript of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, published by BLTC in 1864, drawn by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carrol) himself.

Who needs goals?

Post Views: 693 Who needs goals? 11 באוגוסט 2013 I hear it all the time: how can we set goals if we don’t know if we can make it? Whether you realize this or not, this comes from viewing your reality based in fear and uncertainty. For if one does not trust oneself, the company, …

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