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Illustration: plastic snake toy

Qoutas, backbones and snakes

Over 50 years ago Dr. W.Edwards Deming has formulated his famous 14 Points, which are studied in every Quality Assurance course ever since. Most people mistakenly think that Deming was a statistician, and that his greatest achievement in Japan was due to his understanding and love of that field of mathematics.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Almost all of Dr. W.Edwards Deming’s 14 points are not about statistics at all. Rather, they are about people, about management. And to this day the Deming Institute teaches management  and leadership skills, not statistics, as its main line.


Illustration for adventures of Nils

Flying high

I just love children’s stories and love citing them as illustrations in my work, of all kinds. There is so much one may learn from them, deep concepts and ideas hidden in children’s literature.

And it is hardly surprising. Since the dawn of history of mankind we have been storytellers. This is how we teach and this is how we learn: by telling stories. Some think that the purpose of reading a child a bedtime story is just spending an extra half-hour quality time with the child; others consider it being the means of teaching them to read books when they grow, copying adults, and that in order to make sure they follow this social rule that reading books is good. Not that I would argue with that, quite on the contrary: I love reading, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. But, and there is a but here, this is not at all the purpose of the exercise. It is a sort of schooling, if you like, ancient and efficient like nothing else.


Alice talks to the Cheshire cat

Who needs goals?

I hear this all the time: how can we set a goal if we don’t know if we can make it?

This comes from a fear- and uncertainty-based reality: I do not trust myself, the company, my co-workers, you name it; so how can I commit to reach some goal which is currently beyond my ability?


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