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Illustration: target-cause-effect

Cause – Target – Effect

In order to proceed and understand problem-solving methodology, we need to speak the same language. Thus, in this article, I shall focus on a trinity of basic terms: cause – target – effect.

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illustration: horn of plenty

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! 27 בנובמבר 2015 To all my friends and followers who celebrate this holiday, and a day late, I would like to wish you

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Illustration: fly

What’s the problem?

I must choose one subject. Well, I shall focus on the first stage of problem-solving methodology: Problem Definition. I shall open with a little amusing story we used to tell as a joke, when I was a teenager.

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Screenshot of the website's homepage

Blog Upgrade & Migration

After a long period of silence, due to an almost indescribable work overload, I have finally come back to my blog, first of all, to let you know of the upgrade I made.

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Illustration: shofar - Rosh HaShana

Rosh HaShana – personal greetings

Rosh Hashana is upon us and I would like to wish everyone a good year, per Jewish count 5775.A new year is not just a year when everything may be better. It is an opportunity to reflect upon the past year, to leave the troubles behind;..

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Illustration: statue of Wilhelm Tell

Learn accuracy from Wilhelm Tell?

We have spoken of variance, we have spoken of uncertainty, let us now talk of accuracy. The concepts are inseparable.I would like to illustrate accuracy through stories of two renowned archers from history, or legend, depending on whom you ask.

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Illustration: uncertainty

Uncertainty – how much exactly?

Most of us dislike uncertainty, by our very nature. It evokes fear of what the future holds, of losing control, of helplessness. We like being in control, knowing what to expect. Since we developed our scientific and logical thought, we rely on our logic.
And what is logic? A deduction based on our experience: “if A then B”.

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Illustration: Passover

Personal Passover wishes

Hello, I would like to wish all of you who are of the Jewish persuasion a Happy Passover. May your holiday be filled with significance, as is the purpose of Passover: significance…

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