Diverse Custom-Tailored Training Solutions

 Each organization is unique

Quality Assurance is first and foremost an organizational process. And each organization is unique, both in its nature and in its readiness to undergo a change.

“Maof Dvora” offers several training plans, each of which is uniquely customized and “personalized” training for the organization, to achieve maximum benefit. You may choose one of them, according with the your current intention, your level of readiness to make changes, your confidence in working with “Maof Dvora”.

You may start with the minimal plan, and later raise the bar for yourselves more and more… everything here is flexible.

Click on each of the plans you can choose for more information below:

מסלול משנה-מציאותReality-changing plan

A whole organizational overhaul, breakthrough changes..

מסלול משולב רווחהTraining + wellness plan

A day or a series of days of fun and relaxation combined with training for different audiences.

מסלול הכשרה מקומיLocal training plan 

Training at your organization for different audiences.

מסלול הכרה פורמליתOfficial training

Send your key people to training courses in QA and QA Engineering at local colleges.

מסלול שינויים אישייםPersonal Changes Plan

Facilitating in processes of making changes, wherever you feel stuck or frustrated.

Contact me today for setting up an introductory nonbinding meeting, and let’s tailor the perfect plan for you.


Recomendations by Students and Customers :

Shlomit EdriI have come to the open night at the college with my sister, with the purpose of inquiring about medical secretary course, but, unfortunately, no such course was due to open. However, Irit, whom we met there, has suggested I enroll into the Quality Engineering course, which is a field close to my own and may contribute much knowledge. I took a flyer and said I’d think about it.

As the course was about to open, Irit called me and suggested again the option to study a profession which may help me advance at my place of work, Agamim plant.

I decided to go and study ICQE – Quality Engineering was good and right. The things I learned helped me understand my job better and advance professionally. I would like to continue to study, if other courses become available in the field.

The studies in the new college were enjoyable, the atmosphere good and inviting and we studied in the smart classroom. The college staff was always ready to help and the teachers were professional, practiced and repeated the material with us again and again, prepared us well for the final exam, which I am happy to have passed.

I recommend to all who work in the field or would like to move into it to go and study Quality Engineering at Erez College.

This next year I shall be taking maternity leave, but afterwards I plan to return and continue advancing.

Shlomit Edri, Erez College, Shlomi (from the college newsletter)

I have taken Quality Engineering course at Kinneret College, during which I have studied with Vera the most important things in Quality Assurance, the importance of Quality in the organization, the importance of quality as a total system beginning with the management, and the aspects regarding implementation of the quality system in an organization. The dicussions touched the most burning subjects to Quality Managers. The classes icluded a lot of examples from Vera’s experience, which helped identifying with the solutions.

Acting within my job I have brought Vera to teach classes at our organization, for the mid-management team and the Quality departments.

I have much enjoyed Vera’s trainings and received from her tools to implement in my job.

Roni Blayer, has taken Quality Engineering course at Kinneret Coledge, currently works as Training Manager at Shamir Optical Indistries.

Shmulik AzankotWhen I have worked at the Production floor at the Kennametal Hanita plant, we have received a basic short QA training. At its completion Ohad Stern, manager of the studies program at Erez College, came in and offered us to continue studying by taking the QA Engineering course for ICQE from ISQ.

I have a Practical Engineering diploma, and I thought that the QA field would be interesting for me. I have a lot of hands on experience in QC and QA, so I decided to enroll. I have looked up several colleges, and finally decided the Erez college is the best option for me. At the course I have receive a lot of knowledge, which has added greatly to my experience and enriched my personal toolbox. Some of the areas we covered in the course I only began to implement when I started working in the QA field. 

Towards the end of the course I began looking for a job in QA. I was accepted at two places, and then chose to work at Zurim Tools Ltd., as Process QC Manager. In this capacity I am responsible for all the QA and QC areas. My work is challenging, I have created close relationship with the workers and processes, and professional relationships with the customers, based in understanding and attentive listening. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I have come forward in my career thanks to both my industrial experience and the ICQE studies at the Erez College.

Shmulik Azankot has taken the ICQE course at Erez college in 2014-15, when he worked as operator in Kennametals Hanita. Currently works in Zurim Tools as Process QC Manager. (from Erez college newsletter)

I met Vera as a student for ICQE engineering. She was my professor.

Vera has opened my mind to view at things with an opened mind and to get out of my comfort zone.

To look and observe on an issue from both angles- wide and narrow and to keep questioning and inquiring.

She is the main reason for my success on passing the ICQE qualification test successfully.
Thank you.

David Wolf, Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing Professional. Previously dealt in sales. Now, after passing the ICQE exam, holding a QA job.

Yanina-SivolenkoVera has taught at the course mainly the theoretical subjects of Quality Assurance, presenting them from the point of view of people’s empowerment and coaching, an approach I have never before encountered.

As a result of the Quality Assurance course I have taken in 2012, and Vera’s approach, my professional and personal life have drastically chaged. At work I no longer feared to stand up for myself, and learned to be assertive. I have been promoted to the job I wanted, and was no longer afraid I wasn’t good enough to succeed in it.

At home, as well, the relastionship with my husband and children have significantly improved, I have learned to be more independent and to better listen to them, without dismissing myself.

Today, after the second course I studied with Vera, I once again feel a great change in my view of the changes in my life. I feel ready to make drastic changes without fear, and to view them in a totally different light, as opportunities, instead of threats. We are planning a relocation to another city, very far rom my current place of residence, which includes changes in all planes, but I feel confident in my ability to successfully improve both my professional and personal life.

I know today the Quality Assurance is first of all about people, and am grateful for the opportunity I had to study with Vera and experience first hand the truth of her teaching.

Yanina Sivolenko, has taken Quality Assurance course at Kinneret College in 2012 , and then QA Engineering course in 2013. Currently works in final product quality control and approval before shipment.

 Vera has a wide and extensive knowledge of Quality Engineering and she has provided excellent service consisted of quick and effective problem solving, very reliable information, deep understanding of QA principles. Vera is very cooperative and customer oriented person.

David Kashper, QA & EMS Director at Silicom. Was Supply Chain Quality Manager for Alvarion, customer of Sanmina SCI, at the time when Vera worked for Sanmina SCI and lead this project. (Recommendation made at LinkedIn)

I have met Vera for the first time as a customer, when I was working at Telrad and she – at Sanmina SCI, aparently on the opposing side.

Her professionalism, the way she knew the processes, her great analitical abilities, her professional integrity and above all – the actions she has taken to know, understand and implement not only the customer’s requirements, but also their expectations, written nowhere but at the end of the day the ones to decide the customer’s satisfaction, – have created a working cooperation between us which has led to successes.

Vera truly is a woman of many talents. Not only does she involve herself in many various flelds with equal enthusiasm, she also knows how to pull the right threads from one sphere of interest into another to clarify, improve and connect. To the casual observer it would appear she does it completely naturally and lightly, but this ability is based on knowledge, experience and the talent of connecting the dots and the context in exactly the right place and time.

Vera’s love of people, of life and as a result – of Quality, reflects in conversations with her and comes clearly through in her writing. And even if you are, like myself, far from novices in Quality Assurance, you shall experience enlightening “AHAA” moments when listening to her or reading her articles, because she has managed to make just the right connection for you in just the right place.

Nina Kurulkar, Quality Manager at Sanmina, Lod. Wored in Quality at Telrad at the time when Vera worked in Sanmina SCI and lead this project. (Recommendation made at LinkedIn in Hebrew, translated here)

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