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אילוסטרציה: העצמה

Dream Realization – an offer for an Empowerment Class

A week ago, I met with a group of students from Quality Engineering course held last year at the Riyan Center in Rama village, conducted by the Erez College in Shlomi. The Riyan Center is an organization dedicated to helping the Arab and minorities to find better employment, and this course was for the Druze and Circassian students. It ended in summer 2017 with the students taking the external exam held by the Israel Society for Quality, ICQE, which 71% passed of the 17 students who attended. (more…)

Illustration: dice

How uncertain are you?

Most of us dislike uncertainty, by our very nature. It evokes fear of what’s in the future, of losing control, of helplessness. We like being in control, knowing what to expect. We base it on our logical thinking, drawing from our experience: “if A then B”.

Uncertainty brings a feeling of disorientation. “If A is B” is no longer true. The significance of uncertainty is precisely that we are no longer certain that when “if A” occurs, B shall be the result.


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