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What’s the deal with the change?

A few weeks ago, a student asked me a very interesting question, following a discussion about her frustration with improper Quality Assurance practices in the organization where another student, her friends, works. The question she asked was: “What’s the deal with the changes you’re always talking about? Is it really necessary in Quality Assurance to always make changes? Can’t we leave something that works as is?”

Well, the short answer is: that’s right, we must constantly make changes.

The longer answer is this article, triggered by the conversation. (more…)

אילוסטרציה: מסלולי הכשרה

New and renewed training plans

I am very happy to announce that “Maof Dvora” invites you all to benefit from a variety of new training plans and also some reviewed ones, which have gone through much rethinking and fine-tuning. (more…)

Illustration: dice

How uncertain are you?

Most of us dislike uncertainty, by our very nature. It evokes fear of what’s in the future, of losing control, of helplessness. We like being in control, knowing what to expect. We base it on our logical thinking, drawing from our experience: “if A then B”.

Uncertainty brings a feeling of disorientation. “If A is B” is no longer true. The significance of uncertainty is precisely that we are no longer certain that when “if A” occurs, B shall be the result.


Fun and relaxation combined with empowerment classes

The best way to take the struggle out of Quality Assurance is by a change in our approach, empower the people, instead of keeping them powerless. Cooperation, instead of competition.

But is YOUR organization ready for that change in approach? Have YOU began to make the change, but it is still not seeping all through to mid-management team?

Maof Dvora offers a solution for two challenges, in one:

  • Your human resources department is wreaking its brains to think up what to do wiht you this year: another jeep drive? Kayak rowing? Bowling night?
  • You are unsure how to expand the change you began making to include your mid-management team.


Illustration: connecting dots

Connecting the dots

Today I would like, with your permission, to go back and explore again the question of the very primary essence of the Quality Assurance profession, and what makes it stand out among other disciplines in the organization. What is so unusual about it? Why is it that nobody understands what we are actually supposed to be doing?

Well, in order to answer all these questions I must, first of all, go back and focus your attention on one of the greatest and ever-growing difficulties the world is facing in this new Age, the Age of Information. (more…)

Illustration: early train

Investigate like children

The slogan embroidered in golden thread on the flying banner of Quality Assurance says: “Constant Improvement”.

And how is constant improvement achieved?

The way too many places go about that is finding the bad results (lack of quality) and removing them, while focusing on creating good results (quality).

And what is wrong with this mode?

It is the result that gets treated, not the cause. The symptom, not the disease.


Illustration: too much paperwork

A helper against us

In Quality Assurance, what is the beginning of any process? Its definition, born from need.

The ISO 9001 standard instructs us to identify the processes in our organization and record them. That is, to decide how we perform them and to write that down, so everyone may verify in the future, if they forget. We call that record “procedure”.


Illustration: results

Results-orientation or the test of time

On this website’s home page I have stated that Quality Assurance is people, it is a process, and it is an approach.

So far I have spoken mostly about the people and the approach, and haven’t really touched on the process part at all. Today I would like to discuss processes.

What type of process? As a matter of fact – any process you can think of. Yes, any process at all. Naturally, amongst them, the organizational and technological processes at organizations, plants and factories. This is where most of you are coming from, and this is where most of Quality Assurance effort is made.


Illustration: Yin & Yang with check marks

On procedures and bureaucracy

Everyone knows a company must have procedures. Quality or no quality, but everything must be written down in procedures and they must be followed.

As a sort of God’s will.

And if it is Quality procedures we are talking about – so much the worse. A lot more annoying, too. Here come those bureaucrats from QA with their accursed paperwork…

So I thought we could take a look at what procedures actually are, and why they are needed.


Illustration: Esher's people on the roof

What is Quality Assurance all about?

From my long years of experience, I found that most people think Quality Assurance deals with products, specifications and their parameters, or requirements. Various management members often hold the conviction that it is Quality Assurance department which holds the responsibility for the quality of their products, whereas they do not fulfill these specifications.
Is that really so?


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