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Illustration: connecting dots

Connecting the dots

Today I would like, with your permission, to go back and explore again the question of the very primary essence of the Quality Assurance profession, and what makes it stand out among other disciplines in the organization. What is so unusual about it? Why is it that nobody understands what we are actually supposed to be doing?

Well, in order to answer all these questions I must, first of all, go back and focus your attention on one of the greatest and ever-growing difficulties the world is facing in this new Age, the Age of Information. (more…)

Illustration: too much paperwork

A helper against us

In Quality Assurance, what is the beginning of any process? Its definition, born from need.

The ISO 9001 standard instructs us to identify the processes in our organization and record them. That is, to decide how we perform them and to write that down, so everyone may verify in the future, if they forget. We call that record “procedure”.


Illustration: Yin & Yang with check marks

On procedures and bureaucracy

Everyone knows a company must have procedures. Quality or no quality, but everything must be written down in procedures and they must be followed.

As a sort of God’s will.

And if it is Quality procedures we are talking about – so much the worse. A lot more annoying, too. Here come those bureaucrats from QA with their accursed paperwork…

So I thought we could take a look at what procedures actually are, and why they are needed.


Illustration: police surveilance

The purpose for existence

Many, way too many people think that the purpose of Quality Assurance is… like policemen: to stop “offences”’ “failures” and “problems” from occurring. And if they or some of them still insist on occurring – well, to “catch” those responsible and make sure they do it no more.


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