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Happy Hanukkah 2017

Tonight is the lighting of the first Hanukkah candle. Of all the Jewish holidays, Hanukkah is probably my favorite. And that is not only because of its trappings – all the light, and the candles, and the sufganiyot and the levivot (I so love levivot) – but also because of its message.

Naturally, I am not speaking of the 7-day-oil message. That is something anyone, from wee children to their proud grandmothers and grandfathers know too well. So well, in fact, that it causes the skeptical adults to voice their disbelief and growing distrust of this holiday, as they say that is impossible and they do not believe in miracles… (more…)

Illustration: pyramid of balls

Pyramids and jumping chain of command

In the army they taught us that jumping the chain of command is against military law. Breaking this law would lead to being prosecuted for undermining authority, and to rather unpleasant results. For the perpetrator.

Today we are no longer in the army, and no-one will prosecute us for jumping the chain of command.

However, I would like to bring to the discussion table a totally different view of said chain of command and the correct way to use it.


Illustration: Happy costomer

The cost of bad customer service

The blog Sharing Intellectual Capital by Nick Nicholls presents and interesting review of recent research made regarding the quality of customer service, in the form of infographics.

In the Hebrew version I have brought the translation of both the post and the infographics, and here I offer you the original, as posted on Nicholls’ blog.


Illustration: comedy-tragedy

We aim to please

Here’s a story I came across on Facebook today. It presents so precise a picture of the actual happenings that I really have nothing to add to it. It was in Hebrew, so I translate.

A man is walking down the street and notices a newly opened store. He wanders over to check out what it has to offer, and right inside the doors a salesman meets him and says:


Illustration: a freak individual diverted from the standard ones

Who likes changes?

Everybody knows that the slogan of Quality Assurance is “constant improvement”. However, not everybody knows that when we say improvement we necessarily mean change. One cannot improve something without changing it. Indeed, we know that if we keep doing what we have always done, we shall get the results we have always got. You want different results? You want the results to improve? You must do something differently.


Illustration: police surveilance

The purpose for existence

Many, way too many people think that the purpose of Quality Assurance is… like policemen: to stop “offences”’ “failures” and “problems” from occurring. And if they or some of them still insist on occurring – well, to “catch” those responsible and make sure they do it no more.


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