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Six Thinking Hats

by Edward de Bono

This is a book on thinking. It teaches, very practically, with many illustrative examples, how to separate the different components of our thought processes for better efficiency at decision-making.

Extremely well thought-through and analyzed, easy to understand and relate. A must-read.

$16.00 $11.98


Six Thinking Hats

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Edward de Bono is a thinker. A brilliant thinker and a different thinker. He is also a teacher in thinking.

He has analyzed the accepted thought processes which usually bring people to decision-making and came to the conclusion that people need to train in effective thinking. He has developed various ways to teach us to do just that.

This is one of them. In this book, de Bono likens different components of the thought process to different-colored hats. Then he proceeds to teach us about each and how and when to use it.

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