QA with a smile, struggle free

QA is People. QA is a Process. QA is an Approach.

Quality Assurance is a great deal more that satisfying requirements and specifications. Quality Assurance means indentifying and satisfying expectations. It is the understanding and the love of people and leadership abilities.

You all know that the slogan on Quality Assurance standard claims: “Constant improvement”.

Every improvement must come by means of a change. And a process of real change is only possible when your thought, your relationship to that which you wish to change, changes as well. For if they do not, if you go on viewing it as you used to view it before and from the same vantage point – you will go on acting towards it in the same way you used to act before, and then there shall be no change, following there shall also be no improvement.

Therefore, above all it means a change of approach; combining the love of people with simplicity, innovation and inventive thinking; seeing the old from a new angle and finding simple, and therefore creative, solutions. Only then can you lead and leave the others behind you, to contend themselves with satisfying requirements which you shall be setting.

And what makes this approach to Quality Assurance any different from the current and widely accepted one? Why necessarily a change in attitude?

It begins with the recognition that Quality Assurance is first and foremost about people. It is the people who make the processes. Improvement and understanding of the factors motivating people, of communication between people, of increased awareness, correct setup of the organizational processes, these shall help solving the many difficult challenges with which you are struggling today. It is not another program to implement that you need; it is not more statistical analysis tools and applied methods; but a full overhaul of the direction of your thinking. This requires a change of approach.

The good news is one can learn this approach and experience most significant improvementin all areas of the organization’s work.

And this means that the much talked about constant improvement is no longer limited to the select few, but very much reacheable and real. Acquiring this approach and applying it among all levels beginning with the management will allow you to set this process into motion and maintain it.

With the right training, a change in approach and the use of the applicable management tools you can drastically change the attitude towards Quality Assurance and achieve results, which will mean – significant reduction in resources and increased profitability! You would be surprised to discover the many and various fruits of your labor in this process making appearance in unexpected places, such as greater efficiency, a better working climate, a decrease in hidden costs and times and more…

Maof Dvora” specializes in facilitating approach-changing processes, for every audience and at any organizational level or configuration, from all-encompassing organization-wide and to personal, ono-on-one, of a single QA person, manager, supervisor, engineer ot operator. A change in approach in each case, in each person, shall bring palpable improvement in actual work process and product results, in communication and organizational climate in general.

Choose the training plan most suitable to you and your organization from the variety of training plans offered at “Maof Dvora”, and begin shaping the right approach to your processes and your people – in order to become leaders in your field!

Don’t be satisfied with “good enough”. Be extraordinary!

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